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Canadian Drugs; Using a Canadian Pharmacy can Yield Huge Savings Online

Online International and Canadian Drugs Cost Less

Most people are aware that money can be saved buying international and Canadian drugs. But there are plenty of misconceptions out there. This article addresses some of them.

For starters, purchasing Canadian drugs and multi-country medicine can provide a savings of as much as 80%, depending on the drug you need and the international or Canadian pharmacy you choose. There is a big lobby group of major brand name drug companies that works hard to conceal and confound this information to try to force customers to pay higher rates in their home country. Why would they do this? Most reasonable people agree that the drug companies are more interested in making obscene profits, even if many of their patients will not be able to afford their medications. Choosing to buy international and Canadian drugs from a reputable Canadian pharmacy or multi-country drugstore website like GetCanadianDrugs.com will ensure that you get medications at a very fair price.

Myth: Major drug companies won’t be able to conduct research and development on new drugs if people buy Canadian drugs or international medications.

Fact: Drug companies are primarily marketing companies that do little of their own research and development. Instead, they fund massive marketing budgets and buy the rights to many drugs for which R&D has been paid for by the taxpayer.

Canadian Drugs and International Medicine – The Safest Medications in the World

The propaganda machine of Big Pharma has worked tirelessly to protect their profits by suggesting that online Canadian drugs and international medicine may be hazardous to your health.

Most of the very same drug companies make the identical drugs for Canada and abroad. The drug companies understand that Canadians and other nationalities suffer from arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure and other ailments that any human being can be afflicted with. These diseases cross all borders so the drug companies are multinational, shipping their medications across borders too. Given all this, international and Canadian drugs can also cross borders to save you money.

Myth: Canadian drugs are counterfeit.

Fact: Canada and Europe have some of the lowest counterfeit drug rates in the world. In Canada, and some other countries, counterfeit drugs are virtually non-existent because of the tightly regulated drug market in many countries.

It is important to deal with a legitimate international or Canadian pharmacy website, such as GetCanadianDrugs.com. This way, you can be sure that your prescription drugs are safe and authentic. A legitimate and reputable multi-country or Canada pharmacy will display contact information and certification from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

GetCanadianDrugs.com – International and Canadian Drugs Made Fast, Safe and Affordable

GetCanadianDrugs.com is a leading online supplier of quality Canadian drugs and multi-country medicine. We guarantee the best price and fastest delivery of your orders and make certain the security and privacy of your online transactions are protected by TRUSTe and buySAFE. See for yourself, Canadian drugs and multi-country medicine costs less at GetCanadianDrugs.com.

Canadian Drugs; Prescription for Savings

Leading Site for Canadian Drugs

Canadian Drugs – The difference is in the price



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