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Effient - Prasugrel

A prescription is required for this item.


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Prasugrel (Generic Alternative) 5mg 90.00 tabs$178.64  
Prasugrel (Generic Alternative) 5mg 180.00 tabs$357.28  
Prasugrel (Generic Alternative) 5mg 300.00 tabs$595.47  
Prasugrel (Generic Alternative) 10mg 100.00 tabs$248.49  
Prasugrel (Generic Alternative) 10mg 200.00 tabs$496.97  
Prasugrel (Generic Alternative) 10mg 300.00 tabs$745.47  
Effient (Prasugrel) 5mg 28.00 tabs$115.99  
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Effient (Prasugrel) 5mg 112.00 tabs$419.99  
Effient (Prasugrel) 5mg 168.00 tabs$629.98  
Effient (Prasugrel) 10mg 30.00 tabs$124.27  
Effient (Prasugrel) 10mg 90.00 tabs$340.70  
Effient (Prasugrel) 10mg 120.00 tabs$449.99  

If you have had an angioplasty because of a heart attack, and your doctor decides that you need to take a medication to prevent a blood clot or heart attack in the stent, he may give you a prescription to buy Effient or Prasugrel generic. Effient (Prasugrel) keeps your platelets from clotting so that blood clots are less likely to form. If you have a heart/blood vessel condition, you may also be given an Rx to buy Effient or generic Effient in order to prevent blood clots as well. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.


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While taking Effient or generic Prasugrel, you should watch for possible side effects like mild headache/dizziness, tiredness, cough, minor chest pain, back pain, or nausea. Although these are not serious, they can occur in some individuals. Serious side effects like extreme dizziness/weakness, black/tarry stools, blood in your stools/urine, or a sudden headache with vision, balance or speech difficulties should be reported to a physician immediately. You should also be cautious about bleeding problems that may occur as a result of this drug’s action. If you have any signs of bleeding that will not stop, or unusual bleeding like nosebleeds and bleeding gums, inform doctor immediately. Before you buy Prasugrel or Effient, advise your doctor about other medicines you take, including blood thinners like Warfarin or any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs like Ibuprofen or Aspirin.


Yes, there are many online pharmacies on the internet but Canadian online pharmacies will benefit you the most. When you buy cheap Effient or Prasugrel cheap online through a Canada pharmacy, the price will be low because the pharmaceutical companies are limited by the Canadian government as to how much they can charge for Canadian medications. Before you use any Canadian pharmacy website to buy online Effient cheap generic or the brand version online, always check to see if they are a Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) member. If they are CIPA certified you know that the quality of the medications will be high.


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