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Canadian Pharmacy Reviews, Canada Pharmacy Reviews

GetCanadianDrugs.com is independently reviewed through Shopper Approved, a leading consumer ratings company that only permits actual paying customers to provide ratings and feedback. GetCanadianDrugs.com does not collect the reviews and it cannot filter or remove any of the reviews because the entire review process and the display of these ratings to the public is handled independently by Shopper Approved. The ratings and comments about us on Shopper Approved come directly from GetCanadianDrugs.com customers, giving you an unbiased look at the products, service and prices at GetCanadianDrugs.com. GetCanadianDrugs.com is proud to be one of only two Canadian online pharmacies and international drugstores in the world to have earned the Shopper Approved five star seal from its customers. Read on to learn more about the accurate and unbiased Canadian pharmacy reviews and international medication service ratings provided through Shopper Approved, or start reading the customer reviews for yourself by clicking on the Shopper Approved seal below:

Canadian Pharmacies Reviews

The best way to get accurate information about a multi-country or Canadian online pharmacy service is to read the reviews and opinions of existing customers. These days, it is easy to search for customer reviews of Canadian pharmacies on the Internet, and there are countless websites and forums where people can leave ratings and comments. Unfortunately, most of these are unreliable resources which are chock-full of biased and even falsified opinions. One of the main reasons is because anyone is able to sign up and leave a rating or comment on these websites, leaving these forums open to fraudulent reviews from both competitors and the international or Canadian online pharmacy service being reviewed. Worse still is that the owners of some of these so-called "review" websites post their own false negative ratings of Canadian pharmacies and then contact the merchant to say they can post an official profile and rebuttal if the merchant pays a fee to the review website owner. This is the primary manner in which some of these review websites earn their revenues!

At other times, you may see customer reviews being collected and displayed by the Canadian pharmacy or international pharmacy website itself, which likely means the very site being reviewed is able to control which content you can see and which is hidden, edited or removed. In such cases, of course, the negative reviews are likely to be removed, leaving prospective customers duped into believing that the Canada pharmacy or international pharmacy merchant only gets positive reviews. In fact, fake testimonials have become so commonplace that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission created new rules in 2009 to address this issue.

That is why GetCanadianDrugs.com uses the reputed third party online ratings firm Shopper Approved, which permits its genuine customers to give feedback and others to get a true inside view into what these customers have to say.

Here are the ways in which Shopper Approved reviews stand apart from all other online reviews:

  • Authentic Customers Only: Although most other websites and forums allow anyone to post feedback about a company, only genuine customers who have made a purchase at GetCanadianDrugs.com are able to leave feedback through Shopper Approved. This eliminates falsified reviews from obscuring what real customers have to say.
  • No Editing or Deleting: The reviews you see from Shopper Approved are posted exactly as the customers wrote them. Since the reviews are collected independently and hosted and displayed on a third party website, none of the content can be changed or removed by GetCanadianDrugs.com.
  • Comprehensive Ratings: Instead of just a single, one-dimensional rating, customers are able to rate GetCanadianDrugs.com on five separate facets of its service, including its prices, customer service, product satisfaction, delivery time, and most importantly, whether they would buy again or recommend GetCanadianDrugs.com to others.
  • No Induced Reviews: GetCanadianDrugs.com does not offer its customers anything in exchange for providing their reviews. The ratings and comments you see through Shopper Approved are left by the customers on their own initiative and without any incentive other than the satisfaction of sharing their GetCanadianDrugs.com experience with the rest of the world.
  • All Reviews Made Public: None of the Shopper Approved ratings or reviews can be hidden from the public by GetCanadianDrugs.com, regardless of whether such ratings are positive or negative.

Canada Drugs Reviews Online, Canadian Drugs

In contrast, other online review websites and forums are vulnerable to fraudulent reviews and skewed ratings. Always keep an eye out for the following pitfalls when considering reviews posted outside of the Shopper Approved system:

  • Not a Third Party Website: If the reviews are posted on the Canadian pharmacy or other international pharmacy website itself, then the content can be manipulated by the pharmacy website to cast itself in the best possible light. Always check the URL of the review website in your Internet address to ensure it is a separate web address from the pharmacy website being reviewed.
  • No Verification of Customers: Are you able to post a rating or review of your own without proving that you are a genuine customer? If so, it is likely that there are fraudulent postings left by competitors or the pharmacy service under review. A large number of message boards are overrun with negative comments posted by corporate special interest groups posing as concerned citizens who try to discourage Americans from buying their medicines for less from any company that is not based in the USA, regardless of how many accreditations or how reputable the online pharmacy, such as ours, may be.
  • One-Dimensional Ratings: A single, overall rating is not enough to give you an accurate understanding of the level of service provided. Customers should be able to give individual ratings on various aspects of their shopping experience to give the most in-depth and informative review.
  • Buying Customer Feedback: Some websites offer prizes or rewards in return for leaving a review. This leads to biased feedback, as the customers are more likely to give a positive rating in order to qualify for the prize.
  • Limited Number of Reviews: The testimonial of a few customers doesn't give you a full picture, but the reviews of several thousands of customers will go a long way to help you form an accurate opinion. Avoid pharmacy websites that only provide a handful of reviews for your viewing.

The customer reviews of GetCanadianDrugs.com collected and displayed through Shopper Approved provide a completely unbiased look at the detailed opinions of genuine customers. We are delighted to be one of only two online pharmacy websites to have been awarded the Shopper Approved five star seal based on the very positive ratings from our customers. You can rest further assured that GetCanadianDrugs.com is also certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC), Pharmacy Checker, buySAFE, and TRUSTe. Learn more in our "Why Shop With Us?" section.

You can start reading Shopper Approved reviews of GetCanadianDrugs.com by clicking this seal:



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