Cefzil Oral Suspension - Treats Bacterial Infections

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 05:38 by Jane

Cefzil Oral Suspension (Cefprozil) is a popular and widely used antibiotic to treat particular types of bacterial infections. This medication is classified as a cephalosporin. Cefzil Oral Suspension or Cefprozil generic interrupts the growth of certain types of new bacterial cells. Therefore, the bacteria are unable to develop and will be destroyed.

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Cephalosporin medication Cefzil Oral Suspension (Cefprozil) is used frequently to treat bacterial infections successfully. When the infection is acute or is a chronic respiratory disorder such as bronchitis, the airways are inflamed and irritated. Thick mucus that is formed impedes the airways and makes breathing difficult. To help clear the airways of mucus and to prevent further complications, you may be treated with antibiotic Cefzil Oral Suspension (Cefprozil).

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