Legitimate Canadian Pharmacies

Wednesday, 10 August 2011 15:06 by Louis

More and more frequently, citizens are using legitimate Canadian pharmacies and international online drug resources to purchase the discount drugs that they need.  Those pharmacies offer low prices, privacy and convenience that could never be matched by your local drugstore.  This is especially beneficial to individuals that need to pay for the medication out of their own pocket or that lead busy lives and want the convenience of ordering online through international and Canadian pharmacies.  Legitimate websites should always be verified in advance not only to make sure of the type of medication you are receiving but also so that you feel comfortable when placing your order in the first place.  Here is how to determine if you are dealing with legitimate Canadian pharmacies and international drugstores or not.

It should be understood, international and Canadian legitimate pharmacies will never ship your prescription medication over-the-counter.  The reason why I mention this now is because there are many scam Canadian and international online pharmacies that offer to ship medication to you in that way.  Legitimate Canadian pharmacies and international drug resource sites will always verify your prescription in advance and make it very easy for you to do so.  Trying to circumvent this permitted requirement may mean that you are falling for a scam and you may not get the medication that you ordered.  Even if you do get medication from one of those supposed international drug shops and Canadian pharmacies, legitimate drugs are going to be doubtful.

You can also take some time to verify that you are dealing with certified international and Canadian pharmacies.  Legitimate pharmacies will put their pharmacy contact number directly on the homepage of their website.  Additionally, those pharmacies may show certification from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).  When you see CIPA certification, you not only know that they are among the legitimate Canadian pharmacies and international drugstores but you can feel comfortable with placing your order, knowing that you will be taken care of in a respectful way by their customer service representatives.

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